TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers™ are a complete home gym system. Designed to outperform the most popular and expensive large bulky home gyms.

TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer

For People of all Fitness Levels: Build Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Core Stability

Main Features

  • Unique metal clipping system for safe & easy adjustment of resistance levels
  • Clip on up to six TUG’s™ at a time for over 200lb or 80kg of resistance
  • Create hundreds of exercises using the TUG™ anchor
  • Portability; train at home, in the park, on business trips or on holiday
  • Used for toning, conditioning, rehabilitation, weight loss and muscle mass
  • Ideal for all fitness levels: from beginners, children, elderly to professional athletes & bodybuilders

Fitness Model & Personal Trainer talks about the TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer

5star-TUGTrainer | Resistance Bands
"The Best Home Gym You Will Ever Own!"
- Tom Daley

TUG Trainer is the ultimate workout. Anywhere, at anytime, for anyone!

The team at URBANGYM™ are extremely excited to introduce to you a new way of training…Anywhere, Anytime, and by Anyone!™ TUG™ Freestyle Resistance Training™ will completely change the way you train, whether you’re a personal trainer, professional athlete or someone that enjoys general fitness!

The TUG™ Freestyle Resistance Trainer™ will give you the freedom to choose where you want to exercise. You can take your TUG™ to the beach or the park; now you never need to miss a training session because you’re on holiday! How about on business trips?…your hotel room can become your gym, or maybe you just want to stay home; well now you can train like you would if you were at a gym in the comfort of your own home.

If you are an “On the Go” person, TUG™Freestyle Resistance Trainer™ offers you a convenient and effective workout. You can now train outdoors, on business trips, at home, at the park, or during your bike ride or run.

What is Freestyle Resistance Training?

TUG brings a new dimension to resistance training, the already well established form of strength training in which each effort is performed against a specific opposing force generated by resistance, TUG introduces the new concept of Freestyle Resistance Training.

Whether your goal is to build lean muscle mass or shed excess body fat a TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer will help you reach those goals. Burn fat and tone your body through high repetition exercises using low resistance or gain lean muscle mass through low repetition exercises using high resistance. Research has proven that regular resistance training at least two days a week for both young and old will strengthen, tone and increase bone mass.

The TUG is extremely easy to use and can replicate many well known gym environment exercises. For example, the same strengthening movement of a bench press can be performed using TUG and by using the simple yet essential TUG Anchor you can instantly increase the number of different exercises that can be performed with the aid of any anchor point, i.e. a door.

Due to the TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers versatility, portability and affordability, Freestyle Resistance Training is ideal for anyone involved in an exercise program. In addition, it enhances any type of training you are involved in, from strengthening to flexibility to speed and agility. Best of all, the TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer can be put in a bag and taken Anywhere, Anytime and by Anyone!

Recreate 100’s of the best GYM exercises
Build Muscle and Tone your body
Easy on the joints…’No pain, More gain’
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What are the benefits of using TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers?

Resistance training is well known in the world of fitness, ‘Freestyle Resistance Training™’ however is a new category of exercise for athletes of all abilities. Users simultaneously, while becoming less dependent on gravity, develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability. Users are able to effectively train along ALL force vectors for optimal functional performance.

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone!

    TUG Freestyle Resistance Training creates resistance along a horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal force vector as you train. That’s all you need – TUG- No additional weights required.

  • Portability, Portability, Portability

    TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers are portable. So train outdoors, on business trips, at home, at the park, or during your bike ride or run. The success of a training program comes down to consistency and convenience. If you don’t do it, you don’t get results and if you are an “On the Go” person, like many of us, convenience is vital.

  • Unlimited Versatility

    We’re all unique. Not only is each individual’s body built a little differently, but we each fill our lives with a mix of physical activities that can require specific training. TUG Freestyle Resistance Training allows you to instantly adjust not only the level of difficulty for each exercise, but you can easily customize any workout on the fly.

  • Maximize your training time

    You can easily switch from exercise to exercise in seconds. This allows you to maximize your training time and enables circuit style workouts.

  • Build core strength

    Killer abs are great, but more importantly, having a strong core will prevent injuries, improve posture and increase overall strength. This is because all of our movements are powered by the torso – the abs and back work together to support the spine during everyday activities and exercise. Freestyle Resistance Training builds core strength with every exercise by creating an element of instability that calls on your core to provide balance and coordination.

  • Life involves actively moving

    In real life, our bodies move to the side, backwards, forwards and diagonally. Shouldn’t we train the same way? Unlike traditional weight training that tends to be linear and follow one plane of movement (sagittal), Freestyle Resistance Training encourages multiplanar training (frontal, sagittal, transverse) which integrates all your motions and mimics real life movement. This will bring a muscular balance to your body, increasing performance and preventing injuries.

The TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer can be used to perform any exercise that can be done with free weights or exercise machine

Muscle groups with associated exercises that can be worked using TUG Trainer


Standing Chest Press


Overhead Back Pull




Standing Bicep Curl


Seated Abdominal Twist

For a demonstration and explanation on how to perform the above exercises using TUG see our YouTube channel.

There are quite literally 100′s of exercises that can be performed using TUG, below are 3 video examples;

“TUG Trainer is a complete and portable home gym for building strength, balance, flexibility and core stability!”

“Who can benefit from using TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers?”

The TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer has a broad appeal as it can be used by Football, Rugby & Basketball players. The professional world of Cricket, Golf & Tennis also benefit from incorporating TUG & Freestyle Resistance Training into their workouts. Martial Artists and boxers can also benefit by using TUG, along with Personal Trainers, Yoga and Pilates classes.

TUG Trainers use a combination of bands as resistance, build total body strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It is a complete total-body training tool and cutting-edge training system to take your performance to the next level. The TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer replaces much more expensive and bulkier multigyms available on the market, evolving into the ideal training tool for Personal Trainers, … to deliver a total-body muscle-sculpting workout. Users can adjust the amount of resistance they want, making it suitable for people of all fitness levels

Take back your life! STOP wasting valuable time travelling back and forth to the Gym, choose where and when you exercise!

The TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer is a revolutionary new fitness product. TUG offers complete freestyle resistance training, which can be utilised using anchor points or an individual’s own body. The TUG Trainer’s come with a user manual and demonstration DVD these provide a comprehensive explanation of a selection of the limitless exercises that can be performed using TUG.

Product overview

The TUG is an unbelievable ‘Athletic System.’ It has a maximum weight resistance of 139lbs or 63.18Kg. This system offers 25 different weight resistance levels by varying the combination of the five TUGs provided and with hundreds of various exercises this truly is a complete and portable ‘Gym in a Bag.’

Exploit your workouts!

Resistance training has been proven to help you burn fat and tone lean muscle faster. Just as effective as free weights, TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers are much more portable and convenient, so anyone can work out anytime, anywhere. The colour coded TUGs come in a range of resistance levels, giving you the ability to increase the intensity of your workout as you get into better and better shape.

Just a few benefits of the TUG™ Freestyle Resistance Training™ system:

  • Achieve the same as free weights, yet takes up less space
  • Portability train outdoors, on business trips, at home, on holiday or in the park
  • Replicate 100s of gym exercises
  • Adjustable resistance (rehabilitate, weight loss, tone & build muscle)
  • Save on gym membership and wasted travel time
  • Minimise stress on your joints
  • Smooth and adaptable range of motion
  • Ideal for all fitness levels: children, elderly, prof. athletes & bodybuilders

URBANGYMs™ Industry Leading Guarantees

We are so confident that our product will work and is built to the highest standards that we have created a TOTALLY RISK FREE OFFER. In order for us to take care of our customers, we ship every set of TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainers with not 1, but 2 guarantees:

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

URBANGYM are so sure that you will be thrilled with your TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer – they guarantee it! Use this amazing product for up to 90 days in your home or any place else, if for any reason you are not delighted, simply send it back and they will issue a refund no questions asked!

6-Week Noticeable Results Guarantee

Yes, we know that you’ve heard that from other companies before, that’s why we kicked it up a notch! We are so sure that our workout system will produce results that we guarantee that not only will you notice results, but others around you will notice your results as well. Here’s how it works – if you follow our program with the suggested routines and frequency for 6 weeks – we will guarantee that someone you know will confirm your progress. That’s right! If after 6 weeks someone you know does not notice that you are looking different and say, “wow! what have you been doing?” or “Are you working out?” or something to that effect, send it back for a refund.

Let’s wrap this up…

  • What if there was an exercise machine that rivaled the most expensive home gyms and health clubs yet fit in a 1 foot by 1 foot nylon bag?
  • What if you could get body and life changing workouts on your terms…when it is convenient for you, where it is convenient for you?
  • What if you had a virtual personal trainer that provided detailed instruction on how to exercise correctly and the most efficiently?
  • What if you could get the results of traditional weight training pain free – without the joint pain and stress?
  • What would all of that be worth to you?

Start using the workout system and I’m 100% positive that you will start seeing results within the first six weeks (actually between weeks 3 and 4). I believe in the TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer, I use it, my clients use it and I know what it has done for me and thousands of others.

The fact is that if you don’t feel different and look different in less than 6 weeks…if others don’t notice a change in you…if your daily tasks don’t seem easier..then URBANGYM doesn’t want your money. I WANT you to ask for a refund!

URBANGYMs mission is to get a TUG Freestyle Resistance Trainer into your hands so that you can begin to experience the life changing effects of Freestyle Resistance Training today.


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